Welcoming the Days series 1-3

Welcoming the Days series 1-3, shot and drafted to IG January 15/17/19 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

This door is a welcoming door. When it’s opened.

This series draws inspiration from the film The Party by Sally Potter. There are several scenes that feature the door to the backyard and many use this unique view to let the viewer anticipate and/or reinterpret the follow up. In this series i take advantage of a similar door to the backyard of an ancient building in my hometown and welcome whatever lies out there, such as a new day. An important part in opening a door and welcoming whoever/whatever may come, lies in the posture one gives in the act of opening a door.

As usual the style is very personal and the choice of garments is as always made of small batches, locally sourced, locally worked on, from local manufactures, made in Italy and/or from my personal archive of vintage clothes.


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