Planning an invasion 1-6

Planning an invasion 1-6, shot and drafted to IG February 05 through 10

Slide projector, the source of the flurries

Inspired by the pictures of the group of experts that planned the different invasion scenes in the ww2, this series is a mix between military and civilian figures, all in their act of showing their strategies, except from one figure, the writer, who’s merely a witness and aware that he’s the one writing down the facts, but won’t be the the one writing the history. Inspired by movies such as Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, and so on (still loving all of them i saw in the last decades).

Following personnel shows their experience in front of a Photographic Slide of some rocky shore, all hidden in very flurry take:


Mr Trupp, the Ex Double Agent in the service of her majesty, the Queen, RAF analyst, settled near the Stile Inn when uncovered by Enigma, a Paratrooper by spirit, a Gardener by vocation, a baker of excellent apple pies by fate.





683F9FBC-3533-4CD9-8C44-C67814894B42Sir Paul, the Monty Guy, a Belgian immigrate from the small town of Duffel near Antwerp, special envoye of the Royal Kingdom and said to have some secret liaison with the Grand Duchesse Josie, but certain of the fact, that, as a Belgian, he has some right not to fail in finding out who is the murderer.




B348A571-2D62-47A9-A494-B91866F0FEE3Pierre De LivreAison, the Free French Fighter and Underground specialist, once lead the communication paths to the inland headquarters and mislead the judgement of the poor fellows in charge to uncover the coverups he layered artfully on their quest to infiltrate the counterespionage with countercounterspies of their own.




830A2654-F409-40AD-89F5-E16C5A334D22Cl. Arnolds, the Aussie diplomatic military Counselour and strategic advisor to the governement of the Outer Hebrides, in charge of saving Harris Tweed Mills from being used by enemy tailors akin to tailor suits to the generality with the finest of fine garments available on the black market.




EFBCF1CC-D2AA-4BEB-BDE2-9A25D947B5C9Cpt. Frank, Icecutter Frank, veteran from the Antarctic and Subpolar Expeditions that brought him his surname, after he lead his men through the coldest, iciest and frozenest sea his U-Boat, the Icy Annie, ever undercrossed.





39F59AC3-0BDC-4889-ABD1-66C91D126C89Mr. Lewis Miller, the correspondent for the Stile Inn Weekly Report, a self proclaimed writer of lyrics and poems, inspired by the early works of William Carlos Williams, is exactly the guy needed, when simple prosaic gestures need to be described in a poetic manner and thereby transmuted from prosaic to poetic.




As usual the style is very personal and the choice of garments is as always made in and sourced from manufacturers of small batches, locally worked on, made in Italy, or on occasion from my personal archive of vintage garments.


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