Ducklings – Watching them grow 1-5

Ducklings – Watching them grow 1-5, shot and drafted to IG February 19 through 23

All in there!! Squeaky!!

My love for Donald Duck has a lifelong history to look back at! A character that followed me throughout my childhood and continues today. My interest in this historic squeaky plastic model of the 60is and 70is produced by the Italian Ledraplastic, sparked when one of those Donald Ducks just appeared without prior notification a few years back on a local flea market. That sparked my hunt for all the models available. Find some interesting details about Ledraplastic here and here.

Duckling #1 14,5cm


Duckling #2 20,0cm

Duckling #3 24,5cm

Duckling #4 34,0cm




As usual the style is very personal and the choice of garments is as always made in and sourced from manufacturers of small batches, locally worked on, made in Italy, or on occasion from my personal archive of vintage garments.

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