Miss Erika, Model S, a Writers Typewriter 1-5

Miss Erika, Model S, a Writers Typewriter 1-5, shot and drafted to IG March 12 through 16

Erika Nauman Typewriter Model S from 1940, Serial Number 858403/S

Reading and writing on a mechanic typewriter is an experience, that is both haptic, visual and auditory, in short, multisensory. The portable typewriter is an instrument made for writers on a journey, or professionals on the road, writing in foreign places foreign stories, working for the globally connected writing industry. In this specific case, the machine, as i call it, has been assembled in 1940 as revealed by the serial number 858403/S by Seidel&Naumann. The production period of the simplified S model ranges from 1936 to 1948. More info’s here, here, here and here.


In this series writers, poets, journalists, war correspondents, sportswriters from the 40is and 50is are my main inspiration. Everyone of them could have or actually has used a portable typewriter when writing, in this case, typing their masterpieces, for which they’re remembered.

One sentence, one word from those works will be written on the typewriter and can be read sometime at the end of the series.


The Sportswriter:

Tom Meany

From Babe Ruth: The Big Moments of the Big Fella, 1947

„Finally he earned $80,000, more than the President of the United States. When a cut was proposed in 1932, and that comparison was made, he said, “What the hell has Hoover got to do with this? Anyway, I had a better year than he did.”“


FB3CB18A-5478-4FC7-9223-F8D984B1EFB2The Poet:

William Carlos Williams

From Paterson, Book one, 1946

„ Paterson lies in the valley under the Passaic Falls
its spent waters forming the outline of his back. He
lies on his right side, head near the thunder
of the waters filling his dreams! Eternally asleep,
his dreams walk about the city where he persists
incognito. Butterflies settle on his stone ear.“


B17EE33A-2134-4475-85C9-AE1177650305The Novelist:

Raymond Chandler

From „Farewell, my lovely“, 1940

„ IT WAS ONE OF THE MIXED BLOCKS over on Central Avenue, the blocks that are not yet all Negro.“




5FF89FF6-9A48-435B-A3B1-5435DA6920C4The Journalist:

J. Jonah Jameson

Editor and publisher at the Daily Bugle

From the Daily Bugle Headline

„ “Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?”

An editorial by J. Jonah Jameson“


3197000E-43FA-4C0B-8439-1769A76DF4C7The War Correspondent:

Alan Moorehead

From „Montgomery, A Biography“, 1946

„NOTE: Thus, i think, is the first attempt to tell the full story of Montgomery’s life, and my sources therefore are as various as the story itself.“



As usual the style is very personal and the choice of garments is as always made in and sourced from manufacturers of small batches, locally worked on, made in Italy, or on occasion from my personal archive of vintage garments.

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