A pipe heritage history 1- 5

A pipe heritage history 1- 5: shot and drafted to IG 09 – 13 April.

Handful of Pipes

Following my fathers heritage. A handful of pipes. A heritage. Histories to be discovered. My father gave them to me, he doesn’t use them anymore. All from the late 70is. Some you won’t find anymore. First of, i had to identify them. Then, on second thought, i had to slow-smoke them.

Inspiration: All those stars holding or keeping a pipe in their hand, pressed between their lips, are on a special mission they have to fulfill, those shall be my guides and inspirations in this series.

Butz Choquin Jockey St Claude France 1054 Dublin ¼ Bent

Savinelli Classica 603 Bent Billard

Brebbia Palladio AS 798 Billard ¼ Bent

DAC 369 Duranti Anselmi Castelfidardo Billard Straight

Ropp Sablee D27 Square Shank Billard


As usual the style is very personal and the choice of garments is as always made in and sourced from manufacturers of small batches, locally worked on, made in Italy, or on occasion from my personal archive of vintage garments.



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