Ametora: Take Ivy, Become Preppy, Get Heavy Duty 1-3


Take Ivy, Become Preppy, Get Heavy Duty 1-3: shot and drafted to IG May 09 – 11

Japanese Ivy, Preppy and Heavy Duty styles as described in W. David Marx Book Ametora with reference to the influential magazines such as Men’s Club, Popey etc… viewed in contemporary Italian artisanal clothing manufacturers mixed with vintage clothing.


Ivy League Model:

Defined in the Magazine „Otoko no Fukoshoku“ edited by Kensuke Ishizu in 1954 in the „Dictionary of Men’s Fashion Terms“ as the aivii rigu moderu.

„Brooks Brothers model“, Shoulders are narrow and extremely natural, Pants are slightly tapered, the clothes worn on Madison Avenue.


What is Preppy:

Men’s Club December 1979 issue defined this then contemporary form of the Ivy revival relying on the famed satirical Poster „Are you a Preppie“ by the University of Virgina Student Tom Shadyac which showed the archetypal prep, „Nathaniel Elliott Worthington III“.


Heavy Duty Ivy:

Yasuhiko Kobayashi: „I call Heavy Duty „traditional“ because it’s the outdoor or country part of the trad clothing system. You could even say that it’s the outdoor version of Ivy.“ Heavy Duty Book 1977


As usual the style is very personal and the choice of garments is as always made in and sourced from manufacturers of small batches, locally worked on, made in Italy, or on occasion from my personal archive of vintage garments.

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