Double Raw Denim 1 – 4

Double Raw Denim 1- 4: shot and drafted to IG May 28 – 31

Inspired by the classic two piece suit, i wondered where are the Denim pendants and found these in my closet. Matched Tops and Bottoms.

1: Made in Japan:


Bottoms: E Standard Classic Regular Straight 13.5oz Rainbow Selvage fabric from the Nihon Menpu denim mill in Raw State.

Top: E-Classic Type II Jacket 12,8 oz 63 Rainbow Selvage Denim – Unwashed

History: Who: Yonehachi Tsunemi, When: 1963, Where:

2: Made in USA:

Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Bottoms: 1890 XX501 Rigid 9oz plain selvedge denim (12oz after wash)

Top: 1880 Triple Plead Blouse 9oz Cone Denim (North Carolina USA)

Rising Sun

Bottoms: Raw IDless Cone Mills Denim

Top: The Rising Sun Mfg. Co. Cattleman Jacket 14 oz. Cone Mills Selvedge Denim

History: Who: Mike Hodis, When: 2006, Where: Eagle Rock, LA

3: Made in Italy:


Top: Jacket: Redux – Type 3 Blue Jeans Jacket Raw

– 3 Stitches in the Points of Reinforcement.

– Pockets with Internal Chevron Reinforcement.

– Original Fish Eye Buttons.

– 14,5oz Japanese Selvedge Denim.

– Sanforized Unwashed Denim.


Bottoms: Japanese Okayama selvedge denim fabric, Straight Fit Top-quality rope-dyed 14 oz denim


History: Who: Dario Marangon, When: 2006, Where: Treviso IT

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